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Enchilada of the Month

July 01, 2021 until January 31, 2022

December- Rio Hondo 

Tamale pork guisado enchiladas topped with Sylvia's signature chili gravy  

$16.95 plus tax 

UVALDE- November

A special holiday enchilada!

Corn tortillas filled with turkey and cornbread stuffing and topped with our famous mole Poblano $16.95

October: PREMONT -

A new vegetarian option!  It’s black bean sauce with queso fresco and topped with pico de gallo. $14.95

September- Alice

Chicken, corn and Monterey Jack enchiladas topped with light cream sauce, salsa roja, corn & cilantro. Served with rice and beans or a Caesar salad. $15.95

August- Armstrong 

enchiladas filled with carne guisada and topped with gravy, cheddar & onions. Served with rice and beans or a Caesar salad. $17.50

The Enchilada Queen is Adding Subjects to her Court

Tortillas will roll as Enchilada of the Month at Sylvia’s begins in July

 HOUSTON… The yearn for adventure that abounds as COVID confinement comes to an end has not bypassed the busy stovetop at Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen.

Something new. Something unusual. Something away from the ordinary.

Those are the challenges that the Enchilada Queen, a.k.a. Sylvia Casares, has been savoring these past few months as Houston has begun to open up in earnest, and her response will be a grand benefit for all the Queen’s followers.

Beginning July 1, Sylvia is kicking off a six-month adventure called Enchilada of the Month. Each month, she is going to create an enchilada never before served at her restaurants – or likely anywhere else for that matter.

Using the same imaginative talents that have made her and her restaurants nationally famous with 19 enchiladas on the menu, she is going to be creating new bites of Tex-Mex and Mexican heaven.

First up in July, will be a star-spangled Enchilada Potosinas. This creation has potatoes, onions, carrots and queso fresco all rolled in a guajillo-spiced tortilla and topped with Mexican cream and shredded lettuce. The first Enchilada of the Plate month comes with rice and beans or a Caesar salad, and sells for $14.95 per person, plus tax and gratuity.

Each new enchilada, rolled in a fresh-made corn tortilla, smothered in its own selected sauce and enhanced with its own special topping, will be introduced the first week of each month for six months. But don’t dally. Each enchilada will only be around for the month it is introduced before slipping off to savory memories.

The Enchilada of the Month is available at both Sylvia’s locations for both lunch and dinner.