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FOX 26- Two young siblings looking for an adoptive home together

Sylvia with Joshua and Valerie

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HOUSTON - After nearly two years of the pandemic, the Texas foster care system is in crisis mode. Families for teenagers and large sibling groups are the biggest need, but this month we’re hoping to find a family for two little ones who Santa says have been good all year.

"My goodness Santa came early for them," said Sylvia Casares from Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen.

This is the most exciting week all year for 7-year-old Valerie and her brother, Joshua. He’s five and can’t stop smiling around all the presents.
The pair have been in foster care for about two years.  Parental rights are now terminated, and they’re looking for a family to adopt them together.

"One of the most important things about them is they have older siblings that are with a relative, and we do want to make sure whatever family they go to is willing to foster and continue that relationship with their siblings," said Arnold Valdez, VP for foster care and residential services at Depelchin Children’s Center.

Sylvia from Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen invited them to make tamales with her at her new restaurant location on Eldridge Parkway. Valeria and Josh are bilingual and would love a home that speaks both languages. Joshua loves to throw a football and knows all his colors.  Valerie is already good at staying organized. She’s working hard on mastering her backflip and loves to read.

If you’re interested in opening your home to them the first step is to become licensed and approved through Depelchin Children’s Center.

"It is not what I would call an easy process, but it is a very clear process," said Valdez. "From the day you start to the day you’re licensed is three to four months. We do training, background check, a home study."

You don’t have to be married or own a house, just a desire to care for children and provide them with a safe and loving home they so deserve.